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2020-10-24 Updated Mineral Section for November (click here)
2020-10-16 Updated Fossil Section for November (click here)
2020-10-10 Updated Contact page for new officers (click here)
2020-10-09 Updated Sand Section for November (click here)
2020-10-05 Updated General Meeting for November (click here)
2020-10-05 Updated Past General Meeting for October (click here)
2020-09-28 Updated President's Message (click here)
2020-09-28 Updated Sunshine News (click here)
2020-09-28 Updated Membership Message (click here)
2020-09-28 Updated Next Calendar for November (click here)
2020-09-28 Updated Home page for October (click here)
2020-09-28 Updated Gem Section for October (click here)
2020-09-24 Updated Junior Section for October (click here)
2020-09-15 Updated Fall Adopt-a-Highway (click here)
2020-08-03 Updated Annual Picnic for September (cancelled) (click here)
2020-04-03 Added March field trip report (click here)
2020-03-26 Added new Virtual Education page (click here)
2020-02-11 Added February field trip report (click here)
2020-02-08 Updated Current Calendar for Rescheduled Events (click here)
2020-02-07 Added January DMC field trip pictures (click here)
2020-01-10 Added Auction Meeting pictures to Photo Archive (click here)
2020-01-10 Updated Mini-Grant for 2020-2021 School Year (click here)
2019-12-12 Updated Special Events Calendar for 2020 (click here)
2019-12-09 Added Jennifer Folsom as Junior Section Chair on Contacts Page (click here)
2019-12-09 Added Juniors Holiday party to photo archive (click here)
2019-12-09 Added December Holiday Meeting to photo archive (click here)
2019-12-09 Added December field trip report (click here)

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