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GMS Field Trip May 2021

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GMS Field Trip
Vertebrate & invertebrate tracks, Pennsylvanian plant fossils in Alabama
Saturday, May 9, 2021

Gathering at the meeting place were 65 members from the Georgia Mineral Society, plus club members from the Alabama Paleontological Society, and the Middle Tennessee Geological Society for around 100 fossil hunters.

The VP of the APS gave an introductory talk about the history, rules, and what to find. Two caravans traveled to the site, and all spent the day happily plinking away splitting shale to reveal the finds.

The weather was pleasantly cool, slightly overcast becoming sunny and warm. The site is so large social distancing was of no concern.

Two specimens, found by two GMS members on past trips, of previously unknown to this site fossils, are being accessioned by the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

Diana and Juergen Poppelreuter
On behalf of Charles Carter, Field Trip Chair
Photo by Diana Poppelreuter

Juergen Poppelreuter, GMS Field Trip Lead and Prescott Atkinson, APS Vice President
Photo by Diana Poppelreuter

Plant mashup boulder
Photo by Diana Poppelreuter

Trackway positive and negative, positioned as mirror. Note the plant fossil on the bigger half.

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