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GMS Field Trip November 2020

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GMS Field Trip
Lace Banded Agate/Chert in Georgia
Sunday, November 15, 2020

On November 15, the club had it's first field trip since March. Due to the ongoing pandemic the number was limited to 30 attendees, and we had a waiting list with just that many more people itching to go.

For awhile it looked like it would be a soggy mess, with heavy rain in the first half of the day. However, we lucked out, and the dark clouds blew by quickly and we stayed dry.

Since our last trip to this location a lot had changed. At our usual collecting site, half the mountain had been removed and terraced, the pit in the back had been significantly enlarged. To our delight there were also a number of large piles of crushed material, which made collecting really easy.

For about half the attendees, this was their first fieldtrip and it did not disappoint. Everybody stayed safe, followed the instructions and a good time was had by all.

Juergen Poppelreuter, Trip Lead
On behalf of Charles Carter, GMS Field Trip Chair
Photo by Juergen Poppelreuter

It's all over the ground!
Photo by Juergen Poppelreuter

Terrain has changed a lot since the last trip

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