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Junior Section Fossil Dig, July 2019

Photos by Lori Carter

Bonney Weathers brought sand from a famous fossil site for juniors to dig.

Photo by Lori Carter

A shark's tooth!

Photo by Lori Carter

Look at all of those teeth!

Photo by Lori Carter

Petrified wood with a cool knot and a petrified twig!

Photo by Lori Carter

There was plenty of poop too!

Photo by Lori Carter

Part of a crocodilian scute - wow!


Junior Fossil Dig Report

Thanks to GMS member Bonney Weathers, juniors had a rare opportunity to dig for fossils right on the GMS front steps! Charles Carter brought a tent to shade the dig plus a nice, cold, juicy watermelon donated by Sprouts grocery store. Bonney and Fossil Section chair Kim Cochran helped juniors find and identify all kinds of fossils including sharks' teeth, ray teeth, mosasaur teeth, turtle & crocodilian scutes, various coprolites (poop), various bone bits, and petrified wood. Bonney donated a bag of fossil filled sand to Sand Section to study too. What a fun and educational Junior Section meeting for the juniors and the grown-ups!

Lori Carter, Webmaster

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