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Most kids seem to go through a phase where they pick up rocks. Even if you aren't a rockhound now, didn't you have a shoebox full of playground rocks under your bed?

At GMS we encourage children to learn more about earth science. The junior section is an active, vibrant group that has fun while they are learning. Juniors even get special items to bid on during our auctions!

Unless indicated otherwise, most GMS events are perfectly fine for juniors depending on age, interest, and temperament. Plus, special field trips designed just for kids as well as other educational activities are always on the calendar. So if you have a young one who comes home with pockets full of rocks, bring them to GMS and they can learn what those rocks are!

Note: Juniors are members less than 18 years old who still live at home.


Junior Section Message

Image Credit: Public Domain

Sunday, June 23 Field Trip

Hi Juniors,

Join us to take a hike led by GMS member Tom Faller. We will walk and discuss the geology and minerals in the rock. This event requires a signup and space is limited [see the June Tips and Trips newsletter for the sign-up link]. Please bring sunscreen and water. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jessica Terrien Dunn
Junior Section Chair

If you have any questions about Junior field trips, please click here for the Junior Field Trips page or send email to

Cam Muskelly, Paleontologist and Former GMS Junior

Photos by Jared Dunn

AFMS FRA Fossil Badge

Juniors have been working towards and earning badges as part of the American Federation of Mineralogical Society (AFMS) Future Roundhounds of America (FRA) Badge Program. On Sunday October 23rd the GMS juniors participated in activities at the clubhouse to earn the Fossils badge. Juniors discussed and made impressions and molds using playdough, shells, and fossils and completed a worksheet to further their understanding of fossilization. These juniors also made a paper trilobite which is an activity from the U.S. Geological Survey. There were also many fossils displayed and explained by club member Tom Faller. Two junior members also read paragraphs they had written after researching a famous gem to complete their Gemstone Lore and Legend badge. Many thanks to Martha Brown, Tom Faller and Diana Poppelreuter for their assistance and for loaning the Juniors additional fossil samples for the meeting. More information about the Badge Program can be found here: AFMS Juniors - FRA Badge Program ( )

Trilobite impressions made by Juniors
Photos by Jessica Terrien Dunn


GMS Junior Art Contest Results

Raina Age 5
Mineral apple tree made of tumbled Green agate
sprinkled with pink halite crystals to look like rain.

Rosie Age 7
Materials: Paint on smooth river rock.

Ana Age 9
Materials: Paint on smooth river rock.

Asher Age 9 (before his 10th birthday)
Materials: Paper & pencil
Drawing of a turtle fossil in the matrix rock.

Asher Age 10
Shark mosaic, which is laying on a seabed of light sand.
The minerals used are: fossil animal bones, aventurine, jasper, blue calcite, quartz, smoky quartz, and polished black stone.

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GMS Meetings for Juniors!

How to join our group… If you are a GMS member you get quite a deal. For the $25.00 family member fee, your whole family gets to go to any field trip, meeting, and other great events for a year. We now have a section meeting designed for our juniors! If you are not a member yet, it is easy and can be done on-line here or making a hard copy from the GMS website and sending the membership form and check here.

You get to… You get to do hands on activities, learn about topics of interest to our juniors, and take home a free specimen each time you attend. You will have a chance to win a special specimen at each meeting. Oh, and have a snack and enjoy fellow rock hounds!

When we meet… Most of the meetings are at the GMS building. We are currently meeting on Sunday afternoon to accommodate those living far away, and reduce conflicts with Saturday GMS field trips. Many of the meetings are on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday afternoon of each month. This is a great way for those interested in rocks, minerals, fossils, etc. to have fun together. The topics also cover the required school objectives and are also a great opportunity for homeschool families!


Rocks are fun!

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