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Mineral Section

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Mineral Section Meets
Third Wednesday
Every Month

Minerals are as varied and unique as people. From the mundane to the spectacular, minerals are fascinating in many respects.

GMS members and visitors who are interested in learning more about minerals -- please join us at Mineral Section meetings for special programs and presentations!

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Mineral Section Message

Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Social Time: 7:00 pm
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm
Topic: Diagenesis
Location: In-person and via Zoom Link on the GMS Calendar here

The June meeting discussed cabochons, the rounded form of jewelry stones, their history and some current examples from members. This was not a tutorial to making cabochons, but our club facilities are available to make cabochons in as little as one session, and they can be set into jewelry or wire-wrapped to stand on their own.

The July meeting will be about diagenesis. It is best described as how sediments are altered by water, compaction and change by precipitated minerals. The main minerals remain unaltered, and diagenesis excludes weathering or metamorphism, but includes the changes that organic remains undergo, as they are transformed into kerogens and bitumens. Sediments lose porosity and volume, get cemented, and gradually change from loosely bound sediments into rock. Bones lose some of their minerals but can keep their form, get re-mineralized and become fossils. The study of diagenesis is important to reveal the geologic history of present rocks.

The meeting link will be sent out early in the month.

Tom Faller
Mineral Section Chair

NOTE: Temporary procedures are in place for section meetings, including RSVP before attending. Please read those procedures and guidelines here.

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