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GMS Work Day

Club members are occasionally called upon to do a little work for the club. It could be cleaning the gutters at the GMS building, cleaning saws in the workshop, painting display cases, etc.

It can be hard work, but members are often rewarded with pizza or a pot-luck lunch and a special auction just for members who help!

Proceeds from work day auctions are added to the club's building funds to help us improve and maintain our wonderful home!

So, when duty calls, please come help! You never know what you will be doing or what you will come home with!

If you have any questions regarding facility work days, please send email to the facilities chair at .
If you have any questions regarding work day auctions, please contact Kim Cochran.


Facilities Work Day Message


December 18th Work Day

Due to a myriad of changes and conflicts, the workday is rescheduled for Spring, date to be announced. Many apologies to all.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Waggener
Facilities Chair


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