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Temporary Procedures for Section Meetings

In line with Georgia and CDC guidelines for safe indoor meetings and in the primary interest of member safety the Section Meetings will be held with new rules. These rules are for the safety of members attending and the section leaders and change the way we hold meetings for as long as we need to use them. The Section Leader has responsibility for all members behaving safely and will stop the meeting and send everyone home if the meeting cannot be conducted safely.

Anyone who wants to attend a Section meeting must email the section leader before the day of the meeting. An RSVP is necessary because we are spacing the seating out and can only hold 12 – 15 members at maximum. This means that if a family of four want to attend, they will need to occupy four seats, spaced six feet apart. Groups of family members cannot bunch up as one group. RSVP with the number of members you will bring. For the respective upcoming meetings, send email to your choice of the following addresses:

Junior Section is not presently meeting.

If the number of members who RSVP does not exceed 15 and people show up unannounced then they can find seats up to a maximum of 15 people. If more than 15 people RSVP, the last ones will be notified that they cannot attend this month. Anyone who shows up, whether a member or not, will be given a list of the temporary meeting procedures.

Everyone who shows up will be expected to wear a mask for the duration of the meeting and afterwards while indoors. This includes children. Masks will be provided at the door if you can’t bring one. No exceptions.

Everyone who shows up will be required to provide their name. RSVP members have provided this already. Non-RSVP attendees will have a sign-up sheet. All attendees will pledge that if they come down with coronavirus symptoms within 7 days of the section meeting, they will contact the section leader at one of the addresses above for contact tracing. We cannot have any exceptions to this.

Please do not bring group refreshments. Consuming snacks outside before donning a mask is permitted but we can’t have people lowering and raising masks to eat or drink during the meeting. Please limit use of the kitchen. The fridge has been cleaned out so there are no longer snacks on hand.

We are only using the armless chairs for now. We are only using tables for the temporary viewing of materials.

The library is temporarily closed, as are the other non-meeting rooms.

Bathrooms will require new procedures. The lights will be left on and the fans kept running at all times. Please leave the door ajar with the light on when you leave.

Disinfecting wipes will be available in both bathrooms. Please use them to wipe down any surfaces you expect to come in contact with when you use the facility. When you are done, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds, dry with a paper towel as usual, then take a disinfecting wipe and in order, wipe faucets, the inside door handle, the toilet handle and the toilet seat, then dispose of the wipe. Hand sanitizing liquid will be available in the foyer.

Please keep social distancing after the meeting, when the temptation is to break up into small groups or crowd the exit hall.

Section chairs will modify or add rules depending on how each meeting goes. Section chairs will have additional cleanup procedures after the meeting so please try to understand the purpose of these rules and help their workload.

Junior Section


This section is for the youngest members of the club -- younger than 18. Special field trips and educational opportunities are designed to encourage children to learn more about earth sciences. Click here or above for more information.

Junior section meets at various times and locations as announced.


Fossil Section


Members interested in paleontology comprise the fossil section. Members enjoy fossil-related speakers, programs, show & tell, and various other activities. Click here or above for more information.

Fossil section meets every month at 7:30 pm on the second Monday of the month, at either the GMS building or member homes as announced.


Gem Section


Gem section members learn about lapidary arts, often making use of the workshop at the GMS building, Click here or above for more information.

Gem section meets every month at 7:30 pm on the last Monday of the month, usually at the GMS building.


Micromount Section


Many minerals form almost perfect crystals at the micro level, so micromount section members view specimens with the club microscopes in the micro room at the GMS building. Click here or above for more information.

Micromount section meets as announced.


Mineral Section


Mineral section members explore various aspects of mineralogy. Click here or above for more information.

Mineral section meets every month at 7:30 pm on the third Wednesday at the GMS building.


Sand Section


Members interested in sand meet to discuss sand-related topics and to exchange sand with each other. Click here or above for more information.

Sand section meets every month at 7:30 pm on the Wednesday after the General Meeting at the GMS building.


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