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Micromount Section

A Special GMS Group
for People Interested in Micromounting

"Come and explore the micro world with us!"

Micromount Section Meets
As Announced

Many of the most well-formed and beautiful crystals must be viewed with the aid of magnification.

The process of preparing a specimen for viewing and actually viewing specimens is a distinct area of mineral collecting called "micromounting".

Micromounters become travelers by proxy as they gaze at specimens through a microscope. They traverse alien landscapes in search of spectacular treasures. Join us on our journeys at the next Micromount Section meeting!

Click here for articles about micromounting.

Click here for photomicrographs.

If you have any questions about Micromount Section, please send email to

Micromount Section Message

Our hearts were broken when we learned that we had lost our beloved micromount chair Dave Babulski. You can read about him on his memoriam page here

Until another micromount section chair is chosen, the micromount meetings are suspended. For more information about micromounting, please send email to the following address:

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