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GMS Micromount Section Field Trip April 2024

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GMS Micromount Section Field Trip
Cacoxenite, Kidwellite, Wavellite, Strengite, etc. in Alabama
Saturday, April 26, 2024

Five GMS members including me set out on April 26 to collect phosphate microminerals in the historic Indian Mountain area. The site is part of a large iron-mining district that flourished from the Civil War era through the 1920s. We collected along a tall, overgrown mine dump next to trench-like mine pits. Among the minerals collected, I observed plenty of cacoxenite, and also kidwellite, wavellite, strengite, variscite and churchite. There will probably be more minerals identified as specimens are observed under a microscope. The highlight was a specimen found by 13-year-old Maddox. He found a goethite breccia with tiny pockets filled with colorful strengite and kidwellite. Around lunchtime everyone felt they had collected enough and the last of us left by 1:30.

Jose Santamaria, Micromount Section Co-Chair

Let's get cracking!

Photo by Jose Santamaria

Maddox holds a specimen filled with colorful phosphate microminerals.
Photo by Jose Santamaria

Strengite on kidwellite. 7.25 field of view. Maddox specimen
Photo by Jose Santamaria

Various vugs filled with green and yellow kidwellite. 6.4 field of view. Maddox specimen
Photo by Tom Bates

Sprays of wavellite coated with iron oxides. 10mm field of view. Tom Bates specimen and photograph.

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