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General Email

  • If you have field trip questions, please see the field trip policies page here
  • If you have questions about appraisals or estate donations, please see the estate policies page here

Executive Board

President David Bruce president
Executive VP Membership Tom Bates membership
Vice President Programs Juergen Poppelreuter programs
Treasurer Elizabeth Lamb treasurer
Secretary (Recording) Jessica Dunn secretary
Secretary (Corresponding) Cristina Clines corresponding
Immediate Past President Shelley Stubbs pastprez
(Trustees Below)      
Section Chairs
Fossil Section Chair Kim Cochran    
Gem Section Chair Jay Gorday gems
Junior Section Chair Jennifer Folsom juniors
Micromount Section Chair (Open for Volunteer) micromount
Mineral Section Chair Tom Faller minerals
Sand Section Chair Lori Carter sand
Appointed Executive Board
Editor (Tips & Trips) Bob & Olga Jarrett newsletter or editor
Education Chair Bill Waggener education
Facilities Bill Waggener facilities
Field Trip Chair Charles Carter fieldtrips
Show Chair (Open for Volunteer
acting Shelley Stubbs)
Webmaster Lori Carter webmaster
Non-voting Board Members
Curator Kim Cochran    
Historian Bob Jarrett historian
Parliamentarian Open for Volunteer    


To 2021 Lawrence Parker
To 2022 Dennis Buchanan
To 2023 Bob Stone

Committee Chairs

Adopt-a-Highway Juergen Poppelreuter adoptahwy
Assets/Equipment Jay Gorday    
Awards Kathy Wiggins awards
Carpool Admin. Bill Waggener carpool
Equipment Manager Dennis Buchanan equipmgr
Gem Box Kim Cochran    
Hospitality Shirley Parker hospitality
Librarian George Prince library
Refreshments Diana Poppelreuter refreshments
Special Events Jane Stone specialevents
Sunshine Jane Stone sunshine
SFMS Representative Dennis Buchanan sfmsrep
Telephone Committee Frankie Burks    
Volunteer Coordinator Juergen Poppelreuter volunteer
Workshop Email goes to all
workshop supervisors

May Show Committee Chairs

Show Chair (Open for Volunteer
acting Shelley Stubbs)
Dealer Chair Lawrence Parker dealerchair
Advertising (Open for Volunteer) showads
Auction Kim Cochran    
Database Mary Porter showdb
Dealer Dinner Diana Poppelreuter refreshments
Demonstrations Jay Gorday demos
Exhibits Martha Brown exhibits
Grab Bags Ivy Edwards grabbag
Hospitality (Open for Volunteer)    
Set Up/Take Down (Open for Volunteer)    
Treasurer (Open for Volunteer)    

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