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January Auction

One of the liveliest meetings every year is the January auction meeting. Our animated auctioneer delights members and visitors with his auction antics and superlative auction items!

So bring your funny bone and your wallet for this exciting annual event!

If you have any questions regarding the January Auction, please contact Kim Cochran.

Auction Message

auction auction auction auction Some of the items from the 2022 auction

January 8, 2024, 7:00 pm
The 12th Annual, 2nd Hybrid
January GMS Auction!
Zoom Link

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Coming up on January 8th is our annual fundraiser auction. There will be 50 items up for bid. Kim has gathered a great selection of items for this year's auction. This will be both a zoom and an in-person meeting. So, save some of that money you got in your Christmas Stocking and come buy some great items. Keep your eye out for an email with the pictures and description of the items being offered. Hope to see you all there in one capacity or another.

Jane Stone
VP of Programs

Auction Spreadsheet and Catalog (when available)


For pictures from the 2021 auction meeting, click here

Going once, going twice...
Sold to the lady scratching her nose!

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