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Fossil Section Front Steps Dig
June 9, 2014

For the June Fossil Section meeting, members screened sand that GMS member Bonney Weathers donated. The Aurora location in South Carolina was a prime fossil collecting site until a few years ago when the site was closed. Bonney Weathers managed to save some of the sand and generously donated a bag to the club!

Right away we found coral and small shells. Then we started finding sharks' teeth. Charles Carter commented how nice it was to have the field trip come to us for a change, so Margaret thought we would we have barbecue afterwards.
Photos by Lori Carter

Once the sand was in the tub everyone dived right in

We started finding fossils right away

Margaret found this little thing that she is hoping is a coprolite

Here are some examples of what Margaret found

Field trip on the front steps! But sorry Margaret, no bbq afterwards

Mike Reagin found this sharks' tooth

Mary Gurney found this perfect little shell

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