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Martha S. Brown

As published on the Original GMS Website


Preparing fossils is the act of removing from site, protecting, cleaning, repairing, and presenting your specimens.
  1. You must have (find) fossils to prepare fossils.
  2. Know what kind of matrix you are dealing with; talk to other collectors.
  3. Research on the internet search engines: The amateur looks for fossil cleaning. The expert looks for fossil preparation. The amateur looks for fossil books. The expert looks for paleontology books.
  4. Patience.
  5. Always start on the poorest looking fossils first. You can afford to lose them.
  6. Tools: Knives Old tooth brushes Dental picks Motor tools
  7. Cleaning fluids: Water- Alcohol -Soap and water-Acetone -Vinegar-Oxalic acid- Bleach
    Always for adults only. Read directions first.
    (ALWAYS ADD ACID TO WATER. Acids are very dangerous. They can remove layers of skin and burn you. Use eye, nose, mouth and hand protection.)
  8. Remember patience.
  9. Are you prepared to lose the Specimen?
  10. Try the mildest fluids to begin.
  11. If it’s in more than one piece, use glue.


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