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2017 Camp Gwinnett

GMS at Camp Gwinnett Girl Scouts Event
Lawrenceville, GA
Sunday, April 23, 2017

Girls scouts gathered to learn about and share their knowledge of outdoor activities. Troops as well as community partners, and organizations like the Georgia Mineral Society were there. The rain was there, too -- a lot of rain! Despite the deluge, several GMS members volunteered to help represent the club.

Mary Gurney brought a fairy house she made as well as a cool rock tumbler with a clear lid. Visitors could see inside the tumbler as it polished stones. She also brought a display of stones at different stages of tumbling.

Charles Carter brought his cabbing unit and demonstrated how a cabochon is made. He often had several people crowded around to watch his demo.

Mary R. had several rocks available for people to see and touch. She explained how much fun collecting rocks can be.

Diana Poppelreuter showed girl scouts how to wire wrap stones and crystals to make pretty jewelry quickly and easily.

I played "Rock/Not Rock" with girls so they could earn a tumbled stone to send through the "Rock Plinko" board and win another rock or a fossil.

Shelley Stubbs and Juergen Poppelreuter gave away stickers and flyers and explained what we do at GMS. They also helped direct traffic when it got super busy.

It was a wet day, an educational day, but mostly it was a fun day! Many thanks to all of the GMS volunteers and to all of the girl scouts who came to see us!

Lori Carter
On behalf of the Camp Gwinnett volunteers
Photo by Mary Gurney

It was a dark and stormy day... but we were in a large pavilion, so the rain could not stop us
Photo by Lori Carter

Mary R. showed people rocks she collected and explained how much fun it is to collect.
Photo by Lori Carter

Mary Gurney had this tumbler running so visitors could see rocks being polished
Photo by Lori Carter

Mary Gurney brought the stony fairy house she made as well as a pretty stone butterfly
Photos by Lori Carter

Charles demonstrated cabbing

Not Pictured

Diana Poppelreuter: Wire wrapping demo
Lori Carter: Rock/Not Rock and Rock Plinko game
Shelley Stubbs: GMS representative
Juergen Poppelreuter: Work Horse

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