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2015 Atlanta Maker Faire

GMS at Atlanta Maker Faire
Decatur, GA
Saturday, October 3, 2015
Sunday, October 4, 2015

Though it was a misty, soggy, wet "affaire", GMS members "weathered" it out under Tom Batcha's tent for two days at the Atlanta Maker Faire to show people how fun GMS is. And we had fun doing it too!

On the first day, Charles Carter did cabbing demonstrations that drew many curious people to our booth. He explained what he was doing and how the cabbing process works. Bill Waggener filled in for him when he wanted to do a "walk about" to see the other makers.

I brought sand and index cards so people could make sand cards and Olga Jarrett brought her digital microscope and laptop so people could view the sand on their cards. We had a grand time teaching people about geology through sand. Olga also brought some of her sand art to show how different colors of sand can be used to make stunning artwork.

Bob Jarrett stood outside the tent to explain who we are and what we were doing. He did a magnificent job entertaining people while they waited for a chance to enter the GMS tent.

On the second day, Charles continued doing cabbing demos while Bill Waggener wowed people with some intriguing rocks that have fascinating geology stories behind them.

In our craft area we made aliens out of beads donated by many generous people plus telephone wire donated by GMS member Rick Blackwood. Kids (and adults!) enjoyed putting beads on the wire then twisting the wire to make bobbly alien antennas.

We had a lot of fun meeting and talking to people, even reconnecting with people we hadn't seen for years. Bob and I discovered an odd sand formation after a big rain drop plopped into one of the sand containers. It left a curious sand image of the drop and we completely geeked out over it.

As soggy as it was, we still had a lot of people visit our booth and everyone seemed to enjoy our demos and crafts. For the members who volunteered it was a wonderful experience and we are looking forward to next year's Maker Faire!

Lori Carter
On behalf of the Maker Faire volunteers
Photo by Bob Jarrett

Setting up in the rain was a challenge, but we persevered
Photo by Lori Carter

Charles had fun doing cabbing demos and Bill took over when Charles needed a break
Photo by Lori Carter

Olga showed people sand with her digital microscope and laptop, plus she had sand art for people to see
Photo by Lori Carter

Plenty of sand and cards for everyone to make sand cards
Photo by Bob Jarrett

Bob watched the crowd from outside the tent
Photo by Bob Jarrett

Olga ran into a friend from a long time ago
Photo by Bob Jarrett

A big drop of rain plopped into our sand...
Photo by Lori Carter

formation made a curious sand formation that delighted Bob and me
Photo by Lori Carter

Close-up of the sand plop
Photo by Lori Carter

Beads for everyone!
Photo by Lori Carter

Bobbly antenna aliens

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