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GMS Field Trip

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GMS Field Trip
Staurolite in Georgia
Saturday, October 26, 2013

After we filled bags with trash and tummies with BBQ, members who participated in the Fall Adopt-a-Highway were treated with a trip to collect staurolite!

Small pieces were easy to find all over the site, but the best pieces took a little bit of digging.

While everyone else scratched and dug, Celesta enlightened me with her vast knowledge of fairy folk. We located several fairy communities and we even saw a dark fairy's many-legged mode of transportation!

Several nice pieces of staurolite found new homes that day. It was a great way to reward ourselves for all of the hard work keeping our mile clean!

Lori Carter, on behalf of
Charles Carter, GMS Field Trip Chair
Photo by Lori Carter

Surface collecting was easy
Photo by Lori Carter

Just a bit of scratching and digging yielded bigger specimens
Photo by Lori Carter

Casey Sosebee quickly found a couple of nice staurolites
Photo by Lori Carter

Dark fairy transportation

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