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GMS Field Trip

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agate geodes

GMS Field Trip
Geodes and Fossils in Kentucky
Saturday, April 27, 2013

The scenery all the way to Kentucky was so beautiful, we decided to stop and have lunch at a roadside table. The cows in the field next to us played a curious game of "red light, green light" with us. Every time we turned our heads away, the cows would come closer, and when we looked back they would stop.

We arrived a couple of days early for the Kentucky Red Lace Agate hunt sponsored by the Mountain Mushroom Festival in Irvine, KY (we were pre-registered). Not sure what we actually found and we won't know for sure until we get some nodules cut open, but we did find some fascinating flora and I even found 3 pieces of lepidodendron! The agate hunting trip was rugged, fun, exciting, and brimming with adventure. The trip leaders were so determined that we would come home with Kentucky agate they had a table packed with specimens for us to take home!

The next day we went to the Blue Grass Gem and Mineral Club's annual show. All of the club members and dealers were wonderfully friendly, generous, and welcoming. We found some great deals and some new friends.

The GMS field trip could not have been better. We had Goldilocks weather -- not too hot, not too cold -- just right! Collecting was super easy. The gravel bars were loaded with geodes as well as fossils and other curious goodies.

Everyone filled their buckets within a few hours and we were all thrilled with our finds!

Lori Carter, on behalf of
Charles Carter, GMS Field Trip Chair
Photos by Lori Carter

On the way to Kentucky we played "red light, green light" with some cows
Photos by Lori Carter

Pretty flowers were a little easier to find than Kentucky Red Lace Agate...
Photo by Lori Carter

...but there was agate to be found!
Photo by Lori Carter

And there were some elusive toads too
Photo by Lori Carter

At the Mountain Mushroom Festival you could find some delicious mushrooms, though this massive "morel" might taste a little "woodier" than most
Photo by Lori Carter

These dandelions were both having bad hair days, each in their own way
Photo by Lori Carter

The gravel bars were loaded with geodes
Photo by Lori Carter

Beautiful river!
Photo by Lori Carter

Elizabeth Lamb (standing) and her sister (seated) were able to squeeze in a little family time

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