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GMS Field Trip

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GMS Field Trip
Various Minerals in Georgia
Saturday, March 30, 2013

After making the GMS Adopt-a-Highway in Ball Ground squeaky clean, members were rewarded with a rare trip to an old mica mine. With crystal clear skies and a gentle breeze, it was the perfect day to be there.

A couple of deer literally high-tailed it across the road as we pulled up to the entrance of the mine!

Upon entering the mine we were greeted by a mountain of sparkling mica that twinkled away as we walked along picking up spectacular mica books.

Once we reached the bottom of the mine, people began finding bits of golden beryl then schorl tourmaline, and even some sand :o)

Ater everyone loaded up there, we walked down to the splitting shed for more beryl and large mica books.

It was a great trip and a particularly sweet treat for all!

Charles Carter, GMS Field Trip Chair
Photo by Lori Carter

Celesta was like a pixie atop a sparkling mica mountain
Photo by Lori Carter

A very pale and slightly fractured aquamarine
Photo by Lori Carter

A chunk of beryl with at least one crystal face peeking out
Photo by Lori Carter

A small but relatively well-defined beryl crystal
Photo by Lori Carter

Celesta and Casey exploring an old homestead by the mine.
It had a garden of daffodils blooming around it!
Photo by Lori Carter

The "splitting shed" where mica books were split apart
Photo by Lori Carter

Cute little pinecone pretending to be a might pine tree
Photo by Lori Carter

Celesta liked to find little lichens

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