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GMS Field Trip

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GMS Field Trip
Impact Crater and an Old Iron Furnace in Tennessee
Saturday, March 9, 2013

On the fieldtrip to the impact crater for shatter cones and to the old iron furnace for slag, we had about 44 rockhounds from GMS, Cobb, Memphis (MAGS), Knoxville and Middle TN. After a little bit of trouble getting to the meeting place, we went straight to the shatter cone location and everybody had a great time. A lot of very nice (360 degree) shatter cones were found and nobody left without something.

Then we went to the old iron furnace and found slag in almost all of the colors of the rainbow -- blue, green, purple, and black with swirls and strips. Also, some fossils (coral and crinoid) were found and some interesting sand. Everyone got plenty very quickly as this is a very easy collection site. Special thanks go to our friend Marvin for setting up the shatter cone trip and teaching us about the impact crater and also John Martin of the Middle Tennessee club for the furnace trip.

Everyone had such a good time there are already plans for a bigger and better trip next year, so if you missed this year make sure you go next year!

Charles Carter, GMS Field Trip Chair
Photo by Lori Carter

It was a perfect day for collecting at ground zero of the impact crater
Photo by Lori Carter

This boulder exhibits a classic shatter pattern
Photo by Lori Carter

Junior member Jeremiah (center) found a new friend as quickly as he found shatter cones
Photo by Lori Carter

This tiny shatter cone lacks only its pointy top
Photo by Lori Carter

Mike Baldwin (left front) and field trip chair Charles Carter (right front) discuss shatter cones
while Bob Lauf (left back) and president Bill Waggener (right back) concentrate on the rocks
Photo by Lori Carter

Bill Waggener examining some dolostone
Photo by Lori Carter

Daniel Miller found this beautiful specimen
Photo by Lori Carter

Elizabeth Lamb said she would keep this incredible piece only if someone would carry it for her,
though there was no doubt it was coming with us one way or another
Photo by Lori Carter

A brief break from the shatter cone expedition to compare notes...
(Left to right: George Libby, Charles Carter, Martha Brown, Daniel Miller, unknown rockhound sneaking by)
Photo by Lori Carter

Lucky Leah found 2 perfect shatter cones
Photo by Lori Carter

Martha Brown found this sweet little shatter cone
Photo by Lori Carter

Anita Westlake found this perfect cone right before we left!
Photo by Lori Carter

Another perfect shatter cone!
Photos by Lori Carter

This young man was very pleased with the shatter cones he found!
Photo by Lori Carter

The Middle Tennessee Gem and Mineral Society graciously scheduled a side trip
to the iron furnace site to collect slag
Photo by Lori Carter

Junior member Jeremiah quickly made another friend at the iron furnace site
Photo by Lori Carter

Charles Carter added this huge fossil coral to his bucket o'slag
Photo by Lori Carter

Members digging for slag along the banks of the creek
Photo by Lori Carter

Marvin, the geologist who led the shatter cone trip,
found this excellent example of slag

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