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GMS Field Trip

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GMS August Field Trip Report
North Carolina
Friday, August 4, 2012

About 14 people showed up for the joint field trip between the Lynchburg, VA rock club and the Georgia Mineral Society. David Callahan did an excellent job of talking about the mines we would visit. Seven of us went to one mine while seven of us went to the other mine and found 3 aquamarine crystals along with tourmaline, feldspar, and quartz. Several holes were dug and the 2 kids in the group had a lot of fun. Next, we did a quick stop to get some chromite in dunite. Then it was on to the next for some feldspar and garnet in matrix. The other group reported a good collecting time too, so a great trip was had by all.

Charles Carter, GMS Field Trip Chair
Charles Carter (left) and Dave Callahan (right) take a break from digging for aquamarine
This cute mushroom was wondering what all of the fuss was
Daniel Miller looking for fluorescent minerals
This puffy mushroom posed for us

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