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Linking your web site to the GMS Web Site!

People often ask if they can add a link to on their web pages. Our answer: You bet!

All you have to do is select one of the GMS Logo images below that would be best to incorporate into you web page. Right mouse click your cursor over the selected logo and then select "Save Image as" on the drop down Windows Menu. Don't forget to select the proper file directory to save this image into. Finally, incorporate the saved GMS logo into your web page and link the logo to one of the two Hostnames listed below.

A Word on Hostnames:
The amount of data on this site expands greatly with every passing day. We strongly urge you to link only the URL listed in this note. We are rapidly expanding and improving our web site, and any link other than those described here may break some day.

The only link we guarantee is our home page:

205x200 pixels
White background

3K bytes

172x169 pixels
transparent background

5K bytes

76x75 pixels

3 K bytes

150x150 pixels
black background

3K bytes

148x147 pixels
transparent background

4K bytes

142x143 pixels
white background

2K bytes


77x85 pixels
5K bytes

  AFMS Logo

73x84 pixels
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GMS Vest Patch

305x305 pixels
(actual size)

  GMS Vest Patch

91x89 pixels
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