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Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society
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Jerry Armstrong

During the week of March 15 - 24, 2002, Judy and I flew to London, England at the invitation of the Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society. Other than the sightseeing trips to various places in England, (Stonehenge, London, Hastings) we were graciously invited to accompany the members to a quarry for mineral collecting near a village called Nunney, which is about 15 miles due south of Bristol (as the crow flies).

When we arrived it was typical British weather, cold and drizzling rain. But that did not deter our hosts from sharing their expertise and knowledge of minerals and methods used to find them. We stayed for better part of the day and collected many specimens, of which I have yet to have them identified. Judy naturally found the best specimens as she always does. She located a very large vug of nice calcite in a car sized boulder. We got the rest of the members to come up and take a look at her find. Within a few short minutes the boulder was reduced to manageable specimens of calcite crystals. They presented Judy and I with the best specimen, and the rest was shared among the members. A portion of the find was left behind for future collectors, a tradition that they adhere to.

During the next few days, we visited many sights including castles and Roman ruins. While visiting the Isle of Wight, we had the opportunity to go by and see the newly opened Dinosaur Museum in Sandown. The exhibits centered mostly around specimens of Iguanodon, of which the Isle of Wight is famous. We also paid a visit to the museum in Cardiff, Wales, where they have a very large display of fossils. The fossils are mainly centered around trilobites which are collected along the western portion of the country.

On tuesday the 19th, I presented a talk about collecting fossils and minerals in the United States. A lively question and answering period followed as the members were very interested in what the "Colonies" have been able to collect. I had brought mineral specimens from three places in North America to be given to the members. Wavelite from Arkansas, fossil shark tooth from Alabama and Fluorite from Mexico. They in turn presented me with several specimens of fossils and minerals. Judy won the door prize which enabled me to go a pick out a beautiful specimen of green Actinolite.

(photographs by Jerry Armstrong)
Southampton Mineral & Fossil Society
specimen of green Actinolite


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