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GMS Workshops

GMS members enjoy the use of our own workshop in the GMS building. Workshop sessions are announced on-line in the current calendar and in the newsletter (Tips & Trips) and can be scheduled upon request. Learn how to take a rock you dug up on a field trip and turn it into a piece of wearable art!

Workshop Policies

Workshop Use by GMS members only
  • Click here for membership information
  • Open for use during supervised, scheduled sessions or by appointment
  • User fee of $3.00 per hour, payable at each session
  • Members may use own material or purchase limited materials from GMS
  • Open workshop/rock-cutting scheduled on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays (7pm to 9pm),
    2nd Sunday (2pm to 4pm), and Friday's (2pm to 4pm) for GMS members who have been certified to use workshop equipment (click here or see below for certification requirements)
  • Additional sessions may be requested
For questions about workshops and requests for certification, send email to
  • Workshop Supervisors:

    1. Elizabeth Lamb
    2. Shelley Stubbs
    3. Bill Waggener
Rock cutting saws to be used by Saw Supervisors only
  • Saw cutting fee of $3.00 per hour in 1 hour increments
  • Workshop Saw Supervisors:

    1. Charles Carter
    2. Bill Waggener
    3. Juergen Poppelreuter
Certification for Equipment use
  • Purpose is to demonstrate proficiency in the use and care of the GMS cabbing and trim saw equipment
  • Certification classes must be scheduled with a Certifying Instructor
  • Requirements for certification: Student will be able to:

    1. Name the parts of the equipment
    2. Demonstrate proper safety procedures when using equipment
    3. Demonstrate proper cleaning and maintenance of equipment
    4. Complete one cabochon approved by the certifying instructor

  • Certifying Instructors:

    1. Martha Brown
    2. Ivy Edwards
    3. John Iacullo
    4. Elizabeth Lamb
    5. Diana Poppelreuter
    6. Shelley Stubbs
    7. Bill Waggener
For questions about workshops and requests for certification, send email to

The Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies has two workshop retreats where members can attend week-long, classes and hands-on seminars taught by experienced instructors.

SFMS Workshop Information

Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies workshop retreats:

Wildacres, Little Switzerland, NC learn more...

William Holland, Young Harris, GA learn more...

Note: William Holland is open to non-members during non-federation weeks April through October. Learn more at their website

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