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2017-02-16 Added news about Bill Montante newspaper article to In the News (click here)
2017-02-16 Added Aiken-Augusta rock show notice to In the News (click here)
2017-02-16 Updated Mineral Section for March (click here)
2017-02-15 Updated Show pages for 2017 (click here)
2017-02-15 Added Special Events Chair to Volunteers Needed (click here)
2017-02-15 Added Kathy Wiggins as Show Advertising Chair (click here)
2017-02-15 Added February Junior Section pictures to Photo Archive (click here)
2017-02-15 Added February 11 Field Trip Report (click here)
2017-02-13 Updated Junior Section for March (click here)
2017-02-13 Updated Fossil Section for March (click here)
2017-02-13 Updated Next Meeting (click here)
2017-02-13 Added Spring Work Day & Auction to Specieal Events calendar (click here)
2017-02-11 Added CCGMS Field Trip to March calendar (click here)
2017-02-10 Added GMS Field Trip dates to March calendar (click here)
2017-02-10 Updated Sand Section for March (click here)
2017-02-02 Added DMC Field Trip to March calendar (click here)
2017-02-01 Added Grab Bag Filling Party to Special Events calendar (click here)
2017-02-01 Updated Spring Adopt-Highway date (click here)
2017-01-31 Added June 2016 newsletter to archive (click here)
2017-01-31 Updated Gem Section for February (click here)
2017-01-31 Updated Membership message (click here)
2017-01-31 Updated President's Message (click here)
2017-01-31 Updated Sunshine News (click here)
2017-01-31 Updated Next Calendar for March (click here)
2017-01-31 Updated Home page for February (click here)
2017-01-29 Corrected June picnic date on Special Events calendar (click here)
2017-01-20 Added January 14 Field Trip Report (click here)
2017-01-11 Updated mini-grant page for 2017-2018 school year (click here)
2017-01-09 Added Mary Provost as Sunshine Chair (click here)
2017-01-04 Added January Auction photos to photo archive (click here)
2016-12-13 Added Tellus Symposium and Call for Posters to In the News (click here)
2016-12-07 Added 2017 Atlanta Science Festival to In the News (click here)

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