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Sunshine News

The Georgia Mineral Society is more than a club -- it is a family. When someone in the GMS family has good news or unfortunately, bad news, the rest of the club is there to congratulate or hold hands.

The Sunshine Chair gathers and reports club member news.

If you have any questions about Sunshine or if you have some news to share, please send email to


Sunshine News


Tidings of Joy!
Past President Doug Daniels and wife Carolyn are the proud grandparents of Ryan Christopher Knott. Baby Ryan was born August 16 to Amber Daniels Knott, the eldest daughter of Doug and Carolyn. At birth, Ryan Christopher was 18.25 inches long and weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces.

In Sympathy and Caring
We are deeply sorry to report the deaths of the following longtime GMS friends:
  • Steve Hudson was very active with Georgia Mineral Society in the eighties.
  • Buddy Haney, a dealer in our shows, died very recently.
  • Danny Jones, a dealer with Fireball Minerals, passed away Labor Day Weekend.
Our hearts go out to the friends and families of the deceased. We’re sorry for your loss.

Thank you to Bill Waggener and Kim Cochran for their contributions to this month’s Sunshine News and to my husband, Dan Demko for taking messages when I was at work. Thank you also, Kim, for last month’s beautiful tribute to Elsie Royston.

Please share good tidings or concerns about our GMS family by contacting me at [phone number in the newsletter -- webmaster] or emailing . It will be very much appreciated.

Mary Provost
Sunshine Committee

Sunshine News!

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