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Sunshine News

The Georgia Mineral Society is more than a club -- it is a family. When someone in the GMS family has good news or unfortunately, bad news, the rest of the club is there to congratulate or hold hands.

The Sunshine Chair gathers and reports club member news.

If you have any questions about Sunshine or if you have some news to share, please send email to


Sunshine News


Expressions of Sympathy
We are deeply sorry to hear of the death of Shellie T. Newell, president of the Aiken Gem, Mineral and Fossil Society.

Shellie died unexpectedly after an injury suffered from a fall at her home. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to Aiken Club members for their loss. Shellie passed away on January 9 of this year. Shellie Newell was a journalist, editor and publisher with a lifelong passion for nature and science. Shellie served numerous terms as Aiken Club president and many years as its newsletter editor. Her articles and newsletters won many regional and national awards. A friend to rockhounds everywhere, talented, bubbly, warm and fun-loving Shellie will be greatly missed by many.

Thanks, and Appreciation
Thank you, John Kolmar of the Aiken Gem, Mineral and Fossil Society for informing our club of Shellie’s passing. Thank you, Shelley Stubbs for getting the news to Sunshine.

Please help this committee share good tidings or concerns about our GMS family by contacting Kim or me or emailing at . We very much depend on your contributions and appreciate the shared love and caring. We need your help. You are the eyes and ears of this committee. Thank you!

Mary Provost
Sunshine Committee

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