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Sand Section

A Special GMS Group
for People Interested in Sand

Sand Section Meets
Wednesday after the General Meeting
Every Month

If you think sand is just tiny rocks, the insignificant stuff of beaches and dunes, or simply a substance with the ability to invite itself into regions of your clothing where it is most unwelcome, then you need to take a closer look. Consider a sample of green sand. Some grains have bubbles or inclusions. Some are angular and some are rounded. What is it? How did it form? Or how about another sample that looks like tiny stars? What are those little things? How did they end up in some sand? Well, now you know why we have a section for people interested in sand!

So, those of you who thought you were the only person weird enough to think it was a good idea to keep baggies and jars full of sand -- come join us! Even if you still think sand is just tiny rocks, even if you think you already have enough hobbies, or even if you just want to see what all the craziness is about – come join us!

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Sand Section Message


Date: Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: GMS Building
Topic: Sand Timers
Trading: Any Sand

For the June Sand Section, we learned about sand art from primitive and simple to modern and high tech. Members brought excellent examples of sand art. Margaret Ronan showed us examples of custom beach paintings and sand jewelry in a little catalog. She also showed us a sand moose in a bottle from Alaska. Olga brought sand art she made with multiple colors of sand from Providence Canyon, GA plus a great sand project idea for Maker Faire. Lizabeth McClain brought a beautiful Navajo sand painting and explained the culture behind the art. Bill Waggener brought a piece from Peyton’s childhood. It is a moving sand art picture in need of repair and Bill received advice and suggestions for repairing it. Kim Cochran told us about a GMS member who would crush stones and make sand art paintings with them. They were very plain and not much to look at until you turned off the light and fired up a UV lamp – then the fluorescent sand in the paintings would reveal beautifully detailed images. Tom & Linda Batcha talked about an artist who uses different shades of Louisiana clay to paint and Joe Summerour told us how he would use different colors of sand and clay to produce various types of sand art, too. I had several examples of art including a sand paperweight that I worked very hard to acquire. Many thanks to everyone for bringing sand art and telling stories about sand art!

In July we will get a glimpse into the world of sand timers. Also called hourglasses, they can vary in size, shape, style, and sophistication. Please bring your sand timers for show & tell and any sand you would like to trade.

Lori Carter,
Sand Section Chair


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2017 Sand Calendar

sand calendar

The 2017 sand calendar is here and as always it is spectacular! GMS members can purchase a calendar for $5.25.

If you would like to purchase a calendar, please contact Lori Carter at

New Sand Book

sand book

ISCS member and Sand Section supporter Kate Clover recently released a new sand book with co-authors Dr. Gary Greenberg and Dr. Carol Kiely.

"The Secrets of Sand" explores the various places and ways sand is formed. Beautiful images of sand as well as thorough and engaging text make this a must have book for your sand library.

Now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores

Heavy Sand Article

sand article

The Rock & Gem special gold issue is now available and this time it contains an article about heavy sand processing written by sand Section chair Lori Carter!

To purchase a copy of the magazine, please see the special issue website at:

Special Event

ISCS SandFest 2013
Tellus Science Museum
November 21, 22, 23, 24


SandFest was an incredible opportunity to meet sand collectors and share not only sand but our love of sand with others.

We had a lot of field trips, presentations, workshops, discussion forums, we helped with Tellus Family Science Night, ate BBQ, had a silent auction and a live auction, and of course we traded many baggies of sand!

To purchase a copy of the SandFest book, please click here

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