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Most kids seem to go through a phase where they pick up rocks. Even if you aren't a rockhound now, didn't you have a shoebox full of playground rocks under your bed?

At GMS we encourage children to learn more about earth science. The junior section is an active, vibrant group that has fun while they are learning. Juniors even get special items to bid on during our auctions!

Special field trips that are designed just for kids plus other educational activities are always on the calendar, so if you have a young one who comes home with pockets full of rocks, bring them to GMS!

Note: Juniors are members less than 18 years old who still live at home.

If you have any questions about Junior Section, please send email to


Junior Section Message


Date: Sunday, November 12, 2017
Time: 2:30-4:00 pm
Location: GMS Building
Topic: Beautiful, Tumbled, Polished Rocks!

We all love those polished rocks. At one time or another many of us had a rock tumbler of some kind in hopes of producing those beautiful polished rocks we love. We are going to look at a couple types of tumblers and why you may wish one type or the other. Knowing some about which rock types polish well and which do not is a big help, as well as time saver. Samples of grit and polish and how to know to move to the next step will be explored. We will also learn a simple wire wrapping design that is kid friendly, but you will also get the opportunity to create your own design. You can bring your own wire or tiny pliers if you have them, but we will have some here as well. We have such a great group of kids and parents and grandparents! Come join us for a great time!

Mary Gurney
Junior Section Chair

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GMS Meetings for Juniors!

How to join our group… If you are a GMS member you get quite a deal. For the $25.00 family member fee, your whole family gets to go to any field trip, meeting, and other great events for a year. We now have a section meeting designed for our juniors! If you are not a member yet, it is easy and can be done on-line here or making a hard copy from the GMS website and sending the membership form and check here.

You get to… You get to do hands on activities, learn about topics of interest to our juniors, and take home a free specimen each time you attend. You will have a chance to win a special specimen at each meeting. Oh, and have a snack and enjoy fellow rock hounds!

When we meet… Most of the meetings are at the GMS building. We are currently meeting on Sunday afternoon to accommodate those living far away, and reduce conflicts with Saturday GMS field trips. Many of the meetings are on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday afternoon of each month. This is a great way for those interested in rocks, minerals, fossils, etc. to have fun together. The topics also cover the required school objectives and are also a great opportunity for homeschool families!


Tentative dates and topics for Junior Meetings for the next few months

October 15
Erupting Volcanoes!
Looking at types of volcanoes -- looking at the destructive and constructive forces and volcanic specimens. Get some Mount St. Helen's ash to keep.
November 12
Polished and Wrapped!
Which rocks are best for polishing? How can juniors polish rocks? We will learn a simple wire wrap juniors can do! We will see other products we can make too!
December 17
Christmas Party
P-a-r-t-y!!! Our GMS members share with our Juniors! Games, food, and hands on fun!

2017 Junior Events

January: It's Sedimentary my dear Watson! - Juniors made sediment bottles, sediment art, and even tasty sedimentary goodies! [click the footprints to see pictures from the event]

February: Mashed, Mangled, Morphing, Metamorphic Rocks - Juniors made s’mores (yum) and clay models to show how heat and pressure change all three types of rocks. [click the stone heart to see pictures from the event]

March: Incredible Igneous Rocks - Juniors learned about igneous rocks while they made igneous snacks. Everyone went home with a piece of obsidian!

April: Easter Egg Hunt - At GMS the eggs are filled with rocks, minerals, and fossils. Juniors identified their finds, played rock games, and made some geology related art too!

May: Gem Trees & Pendants - Juniors had fun at the May rock show making gem trees and pendants. [click the tree to see pictures from the event]

June: Annual Picnic - Juniors got to bid on special auction items, plus there was a special table for juniors to put their specimens for identification! [click the penguin to see pictures from the picnic]

July: Sensational Sand - Juniors took home sand samples from around the world as well as the US. They made sand clay creations and learned about rare sands with special stories.

August: Dynamic Dinosaurs - Juniors created 3-D models of dinosaurs using clues from bones and took their models home!

September: Gorgeous Geodes - A favorite of all ages! Juniors learned the difference between geodes, thunder eggs, nodules, and concretions. They even cracked open geodes to take home!

2016 Junior Events

March: Easter Egg Hunt - Eggs were filled with rocks, minerals, and fossils. Juniors identified their finds, played rock games, and made sand art eggs! [click the penguin to see pictures from the event]

April: Mineral Kit - Juniors made mineral ID kits. They learned and practiced mineral tests to ID minerals.

May: Gem Trees - Juniors had fun at the May rock show making gem trees and bracelets. [click the tree to see pictures from the event]

June: Picnic - Special juniors only auction items plus bejeweled fan crafting and a great playground! [click the penguin to see pictures from the picnic]

July: Crystals - By making 3D models, juniors learned about different crystal shapes and how crystals form. They even got real crystals to take home! [click the crystals to see pictures from the workshop]

August: Fantastic Fossils Part 1 - Juniors got an introduction to what fossils are, made footprints, and even got fossils to take home! [click the trilobite to see pictures from the workshop]

September: Dynamic Dinosaurs, Fossils 2 - More fossil fun with dinosaur fossils. Juniors learned about paleontologists and took home real dino fossils! [click the footprint to see pictures from the workshop]

October: Dino Bone Thief - Juniors became CSI detectives and used soil analysis to determine which doggy took a dino bone.

2015 Junior Events

January: Make gem trees, easy for little and big fingered rock hounders. We will award prizes. [Click the tree to see pictures from the event]

February (postponed): Juniors Only Auction of rocks, minerals, jewelry, rock hounding supplies, etc. You can also bring specimens to trade. Bring your change and some dollars to BID and WIN some great loot! We will have over 30 items. The money raised will be donated to our Junior Section Fund. Check out our building!

March: Easter Egg Hunt. Eggs are filled with Gems and Minerals plus juniors get to hunt for fossils! [click the dino egg to see pictures from the event]

May: Yearly GMS show, weekend of Mother’s Day at our new location, North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross. Come out and help us celebrate 80 years and enjoy lots of special activities for juniors. For instance, the auction will include items for Juniors only bidding as well. [Click the blue crystal for scavenger hunt pictures]

May: Beads of Courage. Hang out with other teens who like Rocks and Gems like you. Earn volunteer hours. Check out our building. [click the beads to see pictures from the event]

June: The Yearly GMS Picnic is the first Saturday of June, which includes playing in the park and an Auction of 200 lot items of Rock Hounding glory! Juniors-only auction bidding items will be available. [click the penguin to see pictures from the picnic]


July: Dial M for Mineral Clue Hunt


July: Attend a Field Trip [click the car to see pictures from the field trip]


August: Attend a Field Trip

September: On your own: Parents and GMS volunteers to help juniors write and submit a Rock Hounding Story for a prize and publication.

October: Atlanta Maker Faire - Make a gem tree and some sand art and help other kids have fun too!

November: Juniors only field trip! More information is available in the November Tips and Trips newsletter and via member email. [click the crystal to see pictures from the field trip]

November: Beads of Courage. Hang out with other people who like Rocks and Gems like you. Earn volunteer hours. Check out our building. [click the beads to see pictures from the event]

November: Make a Christmas ornament using nice mineral specimens. [click the ornament to see pictures from the event]

2014 Junior Activities

Special Juniors Field Trip click here

Easter Egg Hunt click here

May Show Scavenger Hunt click here

June Picnic click here

Junior Day at Sand Section click here

Fall Beads of Courage Day click here

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Rocks are fun!

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