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Gem Section Meets
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Ah, the jewels of the rockhounding world. Gems come in many different forms, but one thing is usually certain -- someone took something normal and transformed it into something spectacular!

Join us at Gem Section to see rocks when they are all dressed up and even dress up a few yourself!

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Gem Section Message

Scheelite crystal, 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Vol. 24, p. 315

Date: Monday, October 29, 2018
Time: 7:30 pm
Topic: Gem ID by Measuring Crystal Face Angles
Location: GMS Building

Last month we talked about selecting and evaluating gem rough. We covered all facets of the hobby from rough for slabs, tumbling, cabbing, and faceting. We learned a lot about how to choose our rough and the best way to use the rough we have.

This month Dion will be leading the program. He tells me that we will examine crystals of topaz, quartz, and other minerals and gems. Measuring the angles between various crystal faces is a quick and easy identification technique for most minerals. The way the gem breaks around the crystal faces will also be used to ID several crystal fragments. Bring your own crystals or broken fragments, we will ID these using “angles”, and we’ll add them to the 15 crystals that Dion will be bringing for us to play with.

John Campbell also wanted me to invite anyone who is interested in faceting to come to the meeting of the Atlanta Faceters Guild. [For more information, see the October Tips and Trips newsletter -- webmaster]

I hope to see everyone at the meeting. As usual, we will fold, address and stamp the paper copies of our Tips and Trips before the meeting starts.

Jay Gorday,
Gem Section Chair

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