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Spring Adopt-A-Highway

Ah Spring, when a young (and old) man's (and woman's and child's) fancy turns to -- garbage?

Well, at GMS that's what happens because Spring means time to clean up our adopted highway!

Members gather together no matter what the weather and work diligently to clean up a one mile stretch of road in Ball Ground, Georgia.

Sometimes there are goodies hidden along the route and other times there are goodies when we return with garbage bags filled!

After the road is once again sparkling clean, the entire group descends upon a local eatery where we sample the best of regional cuisine.

With bellies full we often turn to a quick rock collecting experience in the area.

Though it can be hard and dirty work, it is surprisingly satisfying and fun!

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Adopt-a-Highway Message


Date: March 31, 2018
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Ball Ground, GA [see the March Tips and Trips for directions]

Mark your calendars for the Spring Adopt-a-Highway trash pick-up day. This event is so much fun people are falling over themselves to get there. While normal people are picking up Easter eggs, GMS volunteers will be picking up trash along the GMS mile in Ball Ground. Rock bunny Kim Cochran will reward volunteers with great door prizes. And just when you think there couldn’t be more fun in a single day, we will fill our bellies with some local cuisine, then fill our buckets with some local rocks.[webmaster]

Juergen Poppelreuter
Adopt-a-Highway Chair

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Adopt-a-Highway Field Trip 2017
Ball Ground, GA
Saturday, March 18, 2017

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Let's keep it clean!

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