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Beads of Courage Day

During this special event we use polymer clay to make beads for the Beads of Courage organization.

Beads of Courage provides beads to children undergoing medical treatments. Each bead has a meaning and signifies strength and hope along each step of a child's brave journey through his/her treatments.

Beads are also given to the siblings of the children undergoing treatments to mark the sibling's journey as they support their brother or sister as only a sibling can.

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For more information about Beads of Courage, please visit their website:  

Beads of Courage Day

Date: Sunday, October 27, 2019
Time: 2:30 pm
Location: GMS Building

GMS members will be getting together to make special beads for special children. The Beads of Courage organization provides beads to children undergoing medical treatments. For each procedure, the child receives a bead that represents that procedure, for example chemo treatments, drawing blood, clinic visits etc.

Each child in the program has a string of beads that mark all of the events in their courageous journey. Even their siblings receive beads for the support that only a sibling can provide. Parents receive a special butterfly bead when their child's journey ends too soon.

For a major medical event like a surgery, children can choose a special bead from the "act of courage" beads. These are the beads that we make.

Dr. Robert Simmons, former Beads of Courage Bead Donation Director and GMS member, will tell us more about this wonderful program and help us make lots of beads. Participants are encouraged to donate polymer clay and to bring their creativity, tools, and compassion. If you don't have any clay or tools, don't worry. GMS will provide supplies too.

This is a great activity for members of all ages including junior members! Volunteer your time to help this wonderful organization support these courageous children!

For more information about Beads of Courage, please see their website:

Lori Carter

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Beads of Courage Day

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