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4138 Steve Reynolds Boulevard
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Rock Eagle at Rock Eagle 4-H Center near Eatonton, GA
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Date: September 10, 2018 (Note date change because of Labor Day holiday)
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: GMS Building
Speaker: Bill Phillips
Topic: Geological Aspects of Native American Sites in the Southeast

Our speaker this month is Bill Phillips. Bill will explain geological aspects of Native American sites in the Southeast. We will discover the major role geology, hydrology, and topography have in location of Sacred Sites and residential areas. Stone monuments (cairns, walls, box graves) that are often overlooked will be shown to be very important features. The remarkable alignments among major sites - extending long distances. How the concept of strategic materials was implemented in their culture (with trade networks to distribute the prized minerals). Why quartz, mica, granite, and iron ore were included in their monuments - even when it required transportation from miles away.

Other pertinent information - including construction methods, legends (with hidden meaning), and the extreme antiquity of some sites - will be discussed.

Tom Batcha
Vice President of Programs

General meetings are usually on the first Monday of the month. If this date falls on a holiday, the general meeting will be on the THIRD Monday of the month. In June, the annual picnic and auction replaces the general meeting and is held on a Saturday.

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