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President's Message


President’s Message

Shelley Stubbs
60th GMS President, 2017
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What a wonderful time we had at our picnic and auction! Thanks to Mary Rauzi and Diana Poppelreuter, we had lovely decorations – the theme was “beachy” – and thanks to all the attendees, we had plenty of food! It was a little warm, but overall we had pleasant weather. Then we had a great auction – it may have been record-setting! Thanks to Kim and his minions, the 200+ items were laid out for viewing before the picnic, and we had lively bidding until everything was sold. One change this year was to have the Junior items first in the auction, and the juniors got into the bidding as much as the adults did for the rest of the auction. There were the usual additional items – or maybe I should say unusual – with some of the rocks auctioned. I think my favorite was the Gorilla Snot, a type of hair gel. I spent more than I had intended, but I was really happy with what I got. Of course, we had a business meeting and elected our officers for next year, as well as drawing for the Show volunteer door prize – congratulations to Aimée Taylor, the winner! Thank you to everyone for making this a picnic to remember!

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Shelley Stubbs, President
Georgia Mineral Society

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