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President's Message


President’s Message

Shelley Stubbs
60th GMS President, 2017
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How quickly the summer passes! Hope you have had a good one. Did you go on any special trips or collect any special rocks or sand? What was it that got you interested in rocks? Did it start when you were a child and picked up pretty pebbles? Did you take a geology class and get interested in the vast variety of minerals? Or was it finding a fossil, or seeing some ancient bones in a museum? I started when I was growing up in northwestern Mississippi, where there is a lot of gravel and clay. It was fun spending time in creek beds finding fossils, petrified wood, agates, and other interesting things. Whatever got you started, we are glad you are a member of our club, and hope you are enjoying all your membership has to offer.

[For the rest of this message, please see the August Tips and Trips newsletter]

Shelley Stubbs, President
Georgia Mineral Society

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