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President's Message


President’s Message

Shelley Stubbs
60th GMS President, 2016 to present
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...During the show I had the opportunity to converse with some of our members about the direction they would like to see the club take in regards to offering educational opportunities to new and existing members. It was suggested that we obtain information from the club at large. So, I would like to know: what do you want the club to offer, or what can you offer, in the way of educational opportunities besides the ones we have now? Would you like classes in additional lapidary skills, or some geology workshops, or perhaps some sessions in photographing fossils or minerals? Is there some other function that you believe the club can provide, so you can get the most out of it? Let me know of any ideas that you have by emailing me...

... [Read the rest of the president's message in the June Tips and Trips newsletter]

Shelley Stubbs, President
Georgia Mineral Society

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