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President's Message


President’s Message

Shelley Stubbs
60th GMS President, 2017
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How did you become a rockhound? My interest in rock started when I was a child in northwest Mississippi, where there is a lot of gravel – gravel creek beds, gravel roads, and gravel pits, which back then were open, and we would go in on weekends to see what we could find. My mother collected rocks, and taught me what she knew about them. Sometimes, when my sisters and I were teenagers, she would embarrass us by stopping the car on a gravel road and asking one of us to get out a pick up a rock she saw as she was driving along! They didn’t always turn out to be something she wanted, but we always feared someone we knew would see us – unlikely, there on a Mississippi back road. I did continue to be interested in going places to see what I could find, although I was quite uneducated in most of what was to be found. I am really glad that there are rock clubs like GMS that continue to teach those of us who are interested about the wonderful world of gems and minerals, and who encourage young would-be rockhounds to pursue their pastime.

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Shelley Stubbs, President
Georgia Mineral Society

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