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GMS Education

The Georgia Mineral Society is dedicated to educating the youth of the state and members of our society in the field of Earth Sciences. We have numerous educational opportunities available. Please see the list below and click for additional information.


Education Message

The available dates for 2018 classroom presentations are now filled. Please advise your teachers to request 2018-2019 presentations at their first planning opportunity.

The 2018-2019 Holly Camp Memorial Earth Science Minigrant application is available on our website. Submission deadline is 01 September 2018. Please remind your teachers to keep in mind projects and supplies for the coming year.

Family Science Nights, STEAM and STEM Nights are very popular this year. We and the Sand Princess and Friends can use help to satisfy these requests. Please let me know of your interest and I will put you on the email notification list.

Mickey and Lizabeth McClain have taken the lead on the Georgia Elementary Science Olympiad at KSU. They have stretched their Mother’s Day weekend Saturday to include this important event. Please join with Kathy Wiggins to assist them this year on 12 May at Kennesaw State University. You will appreciate the calm of the Show after the high energy of elementary rock hounds!

On 22 Apr, Shelley, Lori, and Charles helped the Girl Scouts with Rocks and Minerals. Thank you for your continued efforts in education of all types.

On 21 Apr, Lori, Diana, and Charles exposed Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to Rocks and Minerals. Please think about helping next year.

Learn something new today.

Yours in education,
Bill Waggener, Education Chair

Speakers Bureau


GMS has many members available to speak and provide educational presentations about a variety of earth science topics at no cost to the requesting organization. Click for more information.

Earth Science Education Mini-Grants


The GMS mini grant program helps educators by providing grants up to $300 to supplement earth science education budgets. Click for more information.

Links & Geology News


There are many websites that may be of interest to you plus current geology news. Click for more information.

Member Writings


Talented members have written many articles to inform, educate, and amuse you. Click for more information.

Member Art & Photography


Members' photographs and paintings of beautiful minerals. Click for more information.

About Georgia


Learn about Georgia's state mineral, gemstone, and fossil. Click for more information.

GMS Coloring Books


A fun way for kids and adults to learn about rocks, fossil, minerals, and geology! Click for more information.

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Earth Science Education

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